Role: Full Stack Developer

Published on: May 16, 2021

Project Description

I redeveloped and redesigned a new charity portal which is fully advanced and digital for It is a fully automated charity transaction portal. I recently developed the new website, which is one of the largest charity organizations in Kuwait.

Key Contributions and Responsibilities

  1. Web Development:
      – Redesigned the website to be fully advanced and digital.
      – Ensured the website is user-friendly and accessible.

    2. Backend Development:
        – Utilized Django to build a robust backend system.
        – Managed the Apache HTTP Server for hosting the web application.

    3. Frontend Development:
        – Developed a dynamic user interface using React and JavaScript.
        – Implemented responsive design techniques to ensure accessibility across devices.

    4. Automation and Transactions:
        – Developed a fully automated charity transaction portal.
        – Ensured secure and efficient handling of transactions.

    5. Team Collaboration:
        – Collaborated with a business of 1000+ employees to understand requirements and deliver a high-quality product.
        – Provided mentorship and guidance to junior developers.


Skills Utilized

– Apache HTTP Server
– Django
– Web Application Development
– Python
– React
– JavaScript
– Web Development




– Fully Redesigned and Advanced Charity Portal
– Robust Backend System
– Dynamic and Responsive User Interface
– Automated Charity Transaction Portal
– High-Quality Web Application



Client Review

Rating: 5 out of 5
“Great experience”



Outcomes and Impact

The Basaier Charity website project has successfully transformed the organization’s online presence, making it easier for users to donate and for the organization to manage transactions. The fully automated transaction portal has improved efficiency and security, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. The project has been highly rated and appreciated by the client.

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