Role: Full Stack Developer and Machine Learning Specialist

Published on: February 4, 2023

Project Description

At Grow Business, we recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for EIGN, a company that specializes in real estate deals and the property market. The goal of the project was to develop an online platform that would allow anyone interested in property dealings to register and easily buy or sell properties.
We used a combination of cutting-edge technologies such as AWS, Django, Strapi, React, advanced payment gateway security, and machine learning to build the platform. Using AWS allowed us to ensure high availability and security for the sensitive user and financial data, while Django provided the framework for building a robust back-end system. Strapi was used as a headless content management system and React was used for building a dynamic user interface.

Key Contributions and Responsibilities

  1. Cloud Infrastructure:
      – Utilized AWS to ensure high availability and security for sensitive user and financial data.

    2. Backend Development:
      – Employed Django to build a robust and scalable back-end system.
        – Used Strapi as a headless content management system to manage the platform’s content efficiently.

    3. Frontend Development:
        – Developed a dynamic user interface using React.
        – Implemented Google Maps integration to display property locations.

    4. Payment Gateway Security:
        – Integrated advanced payment gateway security to ensure all transactions are secure and protected against fraud.

    5. Machine Learning:
        – Deployed machine learning algorithms to enhance user experience and assist users in finding the perfect property.

    6. User Features:
        – Enabled users to register, add property details, upload pictures, communicate via online text, schedule visits, and finalize deals.
        – Developed an admin panel for users to secure their data and view property views, reviews, and ratings.

Skills Utilized

– Node.js
– Machine Learning
– TypeScript
– Python
– PostgreSQL
– Google APIs
– React
– Google Maps
– Web and App Development


– Secure and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
– Robust Backend System
– Dynamic User Interface
– Advanced Payment Gateway Security
– Machine Learning Integration
– User Registration and Property Management Features
– Admin Panel for Data Security and Property Management

Outcomes and Impact

The EIGN Real Estate platform allows users to easily buy or sell properties by providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly online experience. The advanced payment gateway security ensures safe transactions, while the machine learning algorithms enhance the overall user experience. The platform has successfully streamlined property dealings, enabling users to find and finalize deals quickly and efficiently.

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