Hallowood Furniture Case Studies

Find out how we turbocharged Hallowood Furniture’s Amazon sales to £2.5m in 2022. We took the company’s sales from £50k to £300k per month by auditing the existing business and identifying four key enhancement areas.

This was a big task that included 300 SKUs, which meant the keyword research was extensive. We refined the listings to ensure they appealed to both Amazon’s algorithms and target consumers. Watch this video to find out exactly how we achieved such a dramatic sales increase.

The Hallowood Furniture case study highlights Grow-Business.co.uk’s comprehensive approach to Amazon account management, SEO optimization, and sales strategy that led to a monumental increase in sales from £50K to £300K monthly, culminating in over £2.5M in sales for 2022. This journey began in December 2021, focusing on optimizing and improving the existing Amazon store to enhance retail readiness, build brand presence with A+ content and storefront, increase click-through rates, optimize Amazon ads for a targeted Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) of 10%, and ultimately, scale sales on the Amazon UK seller central marketplace.

The strategy encompassed four key areas: storefront design, keyword optimization, listing refinement, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. For a total of 300 SKUs, clear, jargon-free content was crafted using SOP templates to ensure the listings had relevant content, with high-volume keywords implemented to drive maximum relevant traffic. This included conducting extensive keyword research and optimization, collecting ASINs of top-selling competitors, and using tools like Helium 10 for reverse ASIN feature analysis to finalize keywords based on relevancy and search volume.

A competitor analysis for each product was conducted to assess design, pricing, and differentiation strategies. Storefront creation involved category mapping for improved navigation, image optimization for enhanced product presentation, brand representation adjustments for consistency, and product linking corrections to associate products correctly with the “Hallowood Furniture” store on Amazon. Support coordination with Amazon’s seller support addressed technical issues not resolved by flat file updates.

PPC advertising campaigns were established with multiple campaigns for the same SKU, each featuring unique bidding and budgeting strategies. These campaigns underwent periodic reviews and fine-tuning for enhanced performance, significantly improving the ACoS while achieving a substantial increase in sales.

This detailed case study demonstrates Grow-Business.co.uk’s expertise in leveraging Amazon’s platform to its fullest, combining technical SEO, content marketing, and data-driven advertising strategies to achieve remarkable growth in a highly competitive marketplace. The success of Hallowood Furniture underscores the importance of a holistic approach to e-commerce, highlighting the potential for businesses to thrive on Amazon with the right strategies and support.


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