This video introduces the fundamental concepts behind the management and optimization of Amazon’s PPC landscape. We provide crucial advice and insights into an approach that guarantees an Amazon ranking on page one. 

We discuss the advanced advertising strategies we use at Grow Business, including the creation of successful sales funnels. We also touch on vital issues such as the three pillars of advertising and the art of PPC optimization. 

Our approach to PPC on the Amazon platform has been designed and fine-tuned through years of experience, trial and error and testing. This video provides an introduction to the principles behind that approach. 

Amazon PPC Services And Strategies


Through a series of PPC optimisation strategies, we work tirelessly to charm both Amazon’s A9 algorithm and customers to maximise the exposure of your products — and therefore your sales. Using tried-and-tested Amazon PPC services such as A/B testing, ACOS reduction and listings improvement, we aim to maximise your returns while keeping your costs as low as possible.

We employ three key Amazon PPC strategies: Sponsored Product Campaigns, Sponsored Brand Campaigns and Sponsored Display Campaigns. Improved visibility and rankings are our ultimate goals. Along the way, we’ll also develop your brand, divert traffic away from your competitors, and maximise the reach of your Amazon business.

Here at Grow Business, we’ve developed a proven process for mastering the Amazon sales funnel. We’ll utilise awareness, consideration, purchase intent, purchase experience, and purchases to create a buyer journey that will dictate our advertising strategies and content.

To learn more about our approach to Amazon PPC services, watch our exclusive video presentation. We’ll guide you through our tried-and-tested process and give you some unique insights into our methodologies.


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