The DBZ Beds case study proudly presents a transformative case study featuring DBZ Beds, highlighting our strategic approach to Amazon account management and digital marketing excellence. Starting in April 2023, we took DBZ Beds from zero to over £100k in monthly sales within just 90 days. This success story is a testament to our comprehensive service package, which includes creating and optimizing Amazon listings, managing PPC campaigns, and conducting thorough market and competitor research. Our efforts resulted in DBZ Beds achieving a top-ranking position and becoming a category leader on Amazon UK. This case study exemplifies our commitment to leveraging innovative strategies and technology to drive growth and profitability for our clients in the competitive online marketplace

The DBZ Beds case study is a compelling showcase of how’s strategic and innovative approach to Amazon account management and SEO optimization can lead to extraordinary results for its clients. Starting in April 2023, we embarked on a mission to elevate DBZ Beds from a new entrant on Amazon to generating over £100k per month in just 90 days. This transformation involved a multifaceted strategy focusing on creating a robust Amazon UK Seller Central account, optimizing listings with high-volume keywords, and implementing a targeted PPC advertising campaign.

The initial steps included registering the brand on Amazon, conducting thorough market and competitor research to identify opportunities for differentiation, and optimizing 72 SKUs through comprehensive keyword research. We utilized tools like Helium 10 to reverse engineer competitors’ strategies and select high-relevance keywords, ensuring that DBZ Beds’ listings were not only visible but also compelling to potential customers.

Our team’s dedication to creating visually appealing and informative listings, along with strategic brand storytelling through A+ content and an engaging storefront, played a crucial role in establishing a strong brand presence on Amazon. We managed the entire process, from brand registry and listing creation to inventory management and PPC optimization, demonstrating our expertise in navigating the complexities of Amazon’s platform.

The success of DBZ Beds on Amazon is a testament to’s ability to drive sales and enhance brand visibility through targeted SEO strategies and meticulous execution. This case study underscores the importance of a holistic approach to e-commerce, combining technical SEO, content marketing, and data-driven advertising strategies to achieve remarkable growth in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our work with DBZ Beds exemplifies our commitment to delivering measurable results and our ability to adapt and respond to the dynamic demands of online retail. It highlights our expertise in leveraging the Amazon platform to its fullest potential, ensuring our clients not only reach but exceed their sales and visibility goals.


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